- Each Center has it’s own Type

We all know that typing is a key issue within Enneagram typology. We often mistype others and ourselves and this results to the fact that Enneagram remains a wonderful but difficult tool to be used.  

With Enneatemps, I believe I have unlocked this issue. 

The background was my recent visit to Iran and during this trip I gave a visit to some well-known practitioner of Iranian traditional medicine in order to type my body temperament. They mostly use pulse-measuring method, which is very similar to the Chinese traditional medicine. 

The good practitioner measured my pulse and asked me some personal questions and within minutes he basically told me all my health related issues! I was so surprised. But he told me one more thing which made me to make an enormous use of Enneatemps: He told me in my heart (center) and gut (center) I am cold / dry and cold / wet. He didn't say which center is exactly what, but these two centers would have those temperaments. That information was enough for me. 

Long time before that I did several Enneagram tests, which gave me, results on my Enneagram Type in form of a spectrum. I found that the 4 and the 9 in me are quite high. 

And now this practitioner is basically measuring my Type with my pulse! Because we know from part I & II of Enneatemps published in EM 177 & 178 that Type 4 of Enneagram is located in the cold / dry area of Micro Cosmos and the Type 9 is within cold / wet area accordingly. 

I went to the Center of the Iranian Traditional Medicine and ask them to type my head center. They asked me several questions and typed my brain (literally the physical brain!). They said it is hot / wet which according to Enneatemps is a Type 7. 

Let me tell you one more thing about myself that since half a year I am struggling between Type 4 and 7 in me. These two Types are so different that I didn’t know how to solve this issue.  

I was speechless! Just within minutes they can determine a person's temperaments and based on Enneatemps we can link that to the person's character typology. And moreover, in this way we get right away the tri-type of the person which to date is an impossible act to find so easily. 

These practitioners do not know anything about Enneagram. What they do is to give patients unique food and herbal medicine recipes for the three centers imbalances (and other body parts if necessary) in order to bring them into 'temperamental' balance. Their methodology is based on brain cell receptors and these receptors are responsible for the temperament of the food or herbal medicine we take and in choosing the right herb or food, we can balance the temperament in our body. 

I was speechless again. If so, it means with possible herbal intake we can balance our character issues! And all of these are thanks to Enneatemps! I had in my part III publication a hint about this finding, but at that time it wasn't so clear. 

Let me summarize it:

1- we can measure and determine each person’s temperament through physical and measurable tools. This is done by experienced practitioners, which measure pulse and / or ask several questions; see the physical characteristics of the person such as size and skin condition and then determine the temperament. 

2- the second very important finding is that different parts of our body could (and usually do) have different temperaments. This is to say that the brain itself can have a different temperament than the heart (center) and than the stomach (or gut) etc. It can even go further to say that e.g. kidney of this person is too hot and the spleen of that person too cold/wet e.g. 

3- The temperament we so far thought which corresponds to our Enneagram Type character is actually be either the temperament of our physical brain, the one of our heart center or the gut center. This needs further investigation. But our true character is the combination of the three. 

4- all of the 'alchemy' of our temperament is based on receptors within the brain and so is our character or at least part of the character. 

5- it is to say that a person's brain can even be a Type 3, although it is the brain center. That means the characteristics of the 9 Enneagram Types are spread over the three physical centers in any order. It is unclear (and at this stage not very crucial to know either) whether we can have all the centers with one type.  

6- there is also a temperament called 'neutral'. That would be the 5. temperament as compared to the Four Temperaments. Some studies call the advanced version of the Four Temperaments as The Five Temperaments. That is the one, which cannot be related to any specific part of the Micro Cosmos. Based on Enneatemps these are Types 3 and 6 of The Enneagram as we have seen in part III of my publication and these two Types move around the map of Micro Cosmos without belonging to any corner. So they can’t be "cleft" to any of the 4 elements of the Micro Cosmos. 

Then they gave me several recommendation of herbal medicine in order to keep my centers in balance. I am now following their advise and can proudly say that most of my health issues are now a lot better or simply gone. 
I further described them about the connection between the temperaments and the character typology as well as The Enneagram and that Enneatemps connects these two. For them this was a huge finding too. Now they are studying The Enneagram! 

At this moment the question might arise whether my current tri-type as measured by practitioners is a state or a trait. 

State Or Trait:

The theory about this question according to the Center of Iranian Traditional Medicine is that we are born with a specific temperament, but most of the time, that gets into imbalance during our life. One reason is that in different age periods of our life, we enter a new stage of temperament and that is exactly according to the map of Micro Cosmos (see my website): Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 

- from age 0 to 15 we are in the Spring time of our life and that is hot wet,
- from age 15 to 35 (40) we are in the Summer, hot dry
- from age 40 towards 65, is the time of Autumn and therefore cold dry
- from age 65 and above, is the winter time and it is cold wet

These "seasonal changes of our life" affect our initial traits. So, if I am now a 7-9-4, and I am 43 years old, it might be that my 9 and my 4 are at this moment "dragged" into this stage due to my age. So, my true nature type would be / could be 7-6-1. Means 4 which is dry cold comes from dry hot (1), and Enneatemps shows that. 

About 9 I am not sure, how to look at it as in Enneagram it comes from 6, in seasonal map it comes from Autumn, means 4 or 5. 

I also might have been from the beginning the same tri-type, and there were no changes at all, so I have to find it by myself. 

Important is to know my current state and how I can balance it, for example through food, which I am doing now and IT REALLY HELPS.  

This explanation also describes that people who are born with cold wet traits, in their age are more prone to get diseases such as Alzheimer, as the age above 65, as mentioned, is the cold wet are and there would be a double effect. From other sources I also read that 9s, are more prone to Alzheimer. And also opposite to that, hot temperaments in older time have it easier, are more balanced....etc.

The theory behind all these is that the matter, (in German Materie) can and does change the spiritual state which I am trying to show through Enneatemps (useful for psychology) and then also from the philosophical arena we also read that non-material aspects of life, such as thoughts and concepts are also connected to the matter, and finally, if you know Hans-Peter Dürr, German Nobel Prize Laureate in his Book "Geist, Kosmos und Physik" who tries to make clear that matter doenst exist at all (!) which is the direction of Quantum Physik. 

These three scientific worlds meet each other in this topic: Relationship of Matter and non-matter. 

State or Trait